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sep-icon Basic Blue 7, Known as Victoria Pure Blue BO, CAS 2390-60-5

Basic blue 7, is also called Victoria blue BO, supplied in powder form.

C.I.:  42595

CAS NO. :  2390-60-5

Molecular Formula:  C33H40ClN3

Molecular Weight: 514.1438

Strength: 100%

Packing: Packed in 25kgs iron drums and bags.

Product advantages

  • High and Full Strength
  • Excellent quality
  • Bright and Shining Appearance
  • Good Purity
  • Competitive Price
  • Strong and new Packing

Basic blue dyes are mainly used for:
Coloring ballpoint pen oil;
Coloring of typing wax paper, carbon paper and general paper;
For coloring bamboo;
Wood coloring;
Lakes making;
Other dying.