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sep-icon Acid Red GR / Acid Red 73 / Brillant Crocein CAS 5413-75-2

Acid Red GR is a kind of red powder acid dyestuff, also called Acid Red 73, or Brillant Crocein.

Character: Red powder, soluble in water, red solution. Also soluble in ethonal and soluble fiber, hard to soluble in acetone, not soluble in other organic solvents.

C.I.: 27290

CAS NO. :  5413-75-2

Molecular Weight: 556.4787

Molecular Formula: C22H14N4Na2O7S2

Packing: 25KG/Bag, Carton, Drum

Application: This kind of acid red dyestuff is mainly used for wool, silk, paper and leather dyeing, also used for plastic, wood, spices, electrochemical aluminum, pharmaceutical coloring, ink making. Its heavy metal salt can be used in making organic pigment.