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sep-icon Acid Black ATT CAS 167954-13-4

Acid and acid chrome dyes are used to dye wool and wool blend fibers. When they are applied to silk coloring, beautiful hue, good leveling property and fastness can be achieved. Acid black ATT is also suitable for dyeing and printing stretch nylon, nylon socks, nylon sportswear, etc. Widely used in the industries of leather, paper, wood, fertilizer, soap, ink and others fields.

  Acid Black ATT 100% Acid Black 25Kg/DR

CAS NO. : 167954-13-4

Molecular Formula : C22H14N6O9S2.C16H11N2O4S.3Na

Packaging Details: in 25kgs Bag, carton, drum

Application: This kind of acid black dyestuff is mainly used for wool, silk, paper and leather dyeing, also can be used for plastic, wood, spices, electrochemical aluminum, pharmaceutical coloring, ink making, its heavy metal salt can be applied in making organic pigment.