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sep-icon Acid Yellow 36 / Acid Gold Yellow G - CAS 587-98-4

Acid Yellow 36, is also known as Acid Gold Yellow G or Metanil Yellow G. It is a yellow powder, red light yellow to orange. Acid Gold Yellow G will produce red after diluted precipitation, in purple sulfuric acid. In a blue nitric acid, it then turned into orange. Its water solution with hydrochloric acid is red, and the precipitation produce; Add sodium hydroxide solution unchanged, excessive yellow produced after precipitation. Copper ions in dyeing color green dark; Iron ions in a shallow color; Chrome ions in a slightly change. Discharge is good.

Character: Yellow powder. Soluble in water, orange yellow, moderately soluble in ether, benzene and soluble fiber, slightly soluble in acetone.

  Acid Yellow G 100% Acid Yellow 36 25Kg/DR

C.I. :   13065

CAS NO. : 587-98-4

Molecular Formula: C18H14N3NaO3S

Molecular Weight: 375.3768

Packaging Details: 25kg iron drum


  • Mainly used for soap shading, coloring paper and cosmetics.
  • Also used in dyeing and printing of wool and silk fabrics, leather dyeing;
  • Used as indicator (pH = 1 ~ 3);
  • Coloring in medicine, organic pigment, paint, wood products and biological coloring.